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Over the last seven years, the E-Commerce landscape has gone through more than a few monumental shifts. Whether it’s riding the cookie-powered wave into record-breaking years (hello 2020!) and weathering the implications of the post-iOS 14 update or introducing our clients (and ourselves!) to brand new platforms like TikTok, we understand business cycles.
We’ve also been fortunate to work with some amazing brands, some big and some less so. This has provided us with the opportunity to dive head first into Email, Paid & Organic Social, Paid Search and Influencer campaigns with significant budgets throughout those business cycles so we’ve literally seen it all.

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Digital Strategy

  • Planning + Consulting
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer Persona Builds
  • Attribution + Analytics
  • Omnichannel Strategy
  • Data Science + Insights

Paid Media

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Native Advertising
  • Google Shopping
  • Display & Video Ads
  • Programmatic

Earned & Owned

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS & Messenger Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • SEO
  • Creative Development
  • Content Marketing

Earned & Owned

The digital channels you curate—SEO, content, email, creative, and earned social—are the foundation of your brand. Put your best digital foot forward.

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adQuadrant is a value-driven partner focused on helping e-Commerce brands achieve their dreams.

We turn e-commerce brands into today’s fastest-growing companies.

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Does the Post iOS 14 update still have you down? Are you curious about the impending cookieless future? Perhaps you’re looking to learn how Google Analytics can be combined with platform data to provide invaluable full-funnel metrics? Maybe you’ve heard about Historical Data’s ability to show the parallels between increased ad spend and Halo ROAS or maybe you haven’t! Our experts are ready for it all.

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adQuadrant’s efforts led to a ROAS of 3,301% and boost organic search sales by $16 Million.

↑ 68% Increase in Total Sales
↑ 45% Website Traffic Increase
↑ 82% Organic Search Sales Increase

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An eBook download campaign secured 14,000 email contacts with a ROAS of 758%.

↑ 14K   Event Signups in the First 90 Days
↑ 758% First 90 Days Event Ad Campaign ROAS
↑ 370% First 90 Days ROAS

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Snow’s Snapchat presence drove an incremental $800K+ in revenue in 30 Days.

↑ $500K December Ad Spend
↑ 7,200    December purchases
↑ $1.1M   December Revenue

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adQuadrant’s focus on Facebook and Instagram, increased Stella & Dot's YOY revenue growth from 67% to 100%

↑ 2924% Yearly ROAS
↑ 67%      YOY Paid Social Revenue Growth 2017-2018
↑ 100%    YOY Paid Social Revenue Growth 2018-2019

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UNTUCKit’s Facebook and Instagram campaigns saw a 300% new customer ROAS and entry into the international markets

↑ 300% New Customer ROAS
↑ 1140% Black Friday/ Cyber Monday ROAS
↑ 462%  Targeted"Gifting" Campaign  ROAS

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