5 Reasons Why Your App Gets Deleted

February 2, 2018


  1. Your “app” may not actually function as an app. It may simply be a shortcut to the mobile website which instantly puts people off from using it since it doesn’t have real value (since they can go to your mobile site anyway).
  2. It’s been hijacked. Someone may have gotten access to your app and injected malicious code. The app is then red flagged and removed from the marketplace until further review.
  3. The ads you decide to run within your app are far too intrusive to the users. They get in the way of the experience or flat-out trick users into clicking which brings them away from the app. By doing so they feel disdain for the app and rather uninstall than to deal with this practice.
  4. The permissions your app requires may be too much for the user. They do not want to share a lot of personal information.
  5. At some point during an update something broke which makes the app inaccessible to the user. Their patience can only go so far and due to their frustration they’re done with your app.

To counteract most of these issues it really just comes down to creating a strong, ethical policy in your app development.

The app needs to be treated like a separate, simplified entity from your website (though sharing the same value and information). You need to keep the promotional efforts to a minimum to avoid the sense of harassing your users. You also need to keep regular logs, security policies, and in-house testing when releasing and updating the application.

Avoid these five pitfalls, focus on delivering value, and your rate of deletion should come to a crawl.


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