WeeklyQ: How To Build Successful Chatbots

September 27, 2019


  • How To Build Successful Chatbots – Entrepreneur: Chatbots are effective engagement tools, and if implemented properly, they can build your sales pipeline and monetize your social media accounts.



  • 7 Tips For Marketing Effectively To Seniors – SEMRush: The baby boomer generation isn’t necessarily all that different from other markets, and contrary to popular belief, many seniors spend a good amount of time online.
  • 4 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Creativity Game – Entrepreneur: A business won’t succeed without active accounts across several platforms.
  • 9 Clever Ways To Get More Comments On Instagram – HubSpot: If your organic Instagram posts get engagement from your followers, it creates a positive feedback loop: the more people like and comment on a post, the greater likelihood it will appear on the explore tab, where users who don’t already follow you can check out your popular content.

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