How To Use Social Media Native Ads

December 22, 2017

Consumers are coming to expect advertising that fits seamlessly with the rest of what they are viewing, and advertisers and businesses both are realizing the potential of skillful native advertising. Businesses and advertising specialists need to get on the native ad bandwagon, and they need to start now.

Using Social Media Native Ads

Like with so many things, social media is at the forefront of native advertising efforts. Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are developing ways to provide in-line advertising to those using their sites, and each provides a way for businesses to get in front of potential customers in a way never seen before. According to Business Insider, native ads on Facebook have a click-through rate that is 49 times higher than standard ads on the right side of the screen – reason enough to use them. The definition for “native” ad is not set in stone yet, but the general idea is that they are ads designed to fit into the overall experience of the site. The Facebook version, for instance, shows up in the user’s feed, looking much like a post from friends.

This seamless integration is important to remember, however, because it will dictate how you advertise on each site. To use native advertising on social media, you can hire someone to help you, or learn the ropes yourself. The most involved, but also likely the most effective, is to learn the platform you are choosing to advertise on, and design accordingly. This is time-intensive and requires a large up-front investment, but it also allows you to create ads that will most effectively utilize the space. You want to do native advertising on Facebook? Learn the site, use it, and design appropriately. You can also hire a service to do this for you, which may be a better option depending on your talents and time commitments.

Keep one thing in mind, though. Native advertising is a powerful new tool to get right in the middle of the consumer’s space with intriguing information. However, this can backfire. Keep your native ads relevant to the user. No one wants his or her private feed taken over by pushy ads or irrelevant information. Target your ads, or risk turning off people permanently.

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