Top-10 TikTok Trends for E-Commerce Brands to Watch in 2022

March 21, 2022
by Jeff Pearlman

TikTok is the latest addition to the social media landscape and due to its heavy use by influential Gen Zers who make up 60% of the platform’s users in the US alone, it’s quite possibly the coolest App of them all. TikTok trends play a major role in the App’s popularity and whether it’s the latest dance craze or the silliest challenges, users are consuming content at a rate of 52 minutes per day.

This presents a significant opportunity for e-commerce brands to leverage current TikTok trends and get in front of their audiences, and we’re here to help you get started. Here are the top-10 TikTok trends of 2022:

  1. Be Authentic

Of all the TikTok trends, this is perhaps the most important and everlasting especially for e-commerce brands. With 64% of TikTok’s users saying that the platform is a space where they can openly and authentically represent themselves, it’s abundantly clear that they expect brands to do the same. In other words, don’t fake it or you won’t make it.

  1. TikTok Dance Trends

It’s impossible to scroll through TikTok and not come across the latest and greatest TikTok dance trends. Jumping in on one of these trends might seem a little out of reach for your e-commerce brand, but it’s easier than you think. Chipotle staff dancing to Savage or a fashion brand getting users to wear their product while performing Haley Sharpe’s dance to Say So are a couple of quick-fire examples.

  1. Subcultures

If you film it, there’s probably a TikTok subculture for it. From #dadtok and #fashiontok to #personalfinancetok and #witchtok, there’s a subculture for everyone – and every brand.

  1. Tell Me Without Telling Me

This trend started with users challenging others to tell them something without actually saying the words. It’s quickly become one of the most popular trends and because it’s not tied to a specific subject, e-commerce brands can and should absolutely take advantage.

  1. Learn On TikTok

This trend proves that learning can be fun. Whether it’s learning how to properly fold a shirt, how to get rid of dandruff or how to invest in your kids’ future, you can learn just about anything on TikTok. What can your e-Commerce brand teach TikTok users?

  1. Replying to a Comment from an Old TikTok

This TikTok trend might take some time to execute as you need to have comments to respond to, but it’s an amazing way to get your brand’s fans involved in your content creation. Simply pull a great comment from one of your previous TikToks, and create a new video that speaks to it. Rince, wash, repeat.

  1. Satisfying to Watch

This trend elicits something of an ASMR in users by focusing on elements that are either visually or sonically stimulating, sometimes both. Use cases that come to mind for brands include a paint company showing a wall being painted from start to finish, an auto maker focusing on specific design elements and making them come to life, or even a cereal brand showcasing its product falling into a bowl that never fills.

  1. Behind the Scenes

Everyone enjoys a peek into what’s really happening behind the scenes, after all, this desire sparked the Instagram vs. Reality trend. This TikTok trend truly leans into the authenticity of its users and brands can utilize it to show off their human sides, too.

  1. Seamless Transitions

This is a trend that was once unique to TikTok, but has since made its way to Reels on Instagram. Use the platform’s in-App editing tools and let the magic happen. You can start simple with the same lighting and your camera in the same spot to create two scenes in one. Then you can take it to the next level by flipping your camera around, dropping it to the floor or pretending to slap it as you go from scene to scene.

  1. Go Live

Something of a new TikTok trend, the amount of users watching creators go Live has doubled in the last year. The platform recently introduced scheduling, countdowns and co-hosting options to its product, which makes it even easier for e-commerce brands to jump in and go Live.

  1. Bonus Trends – Stitch & Duets

Speaking of a new TikTok trend, the newly released Stitch and Duets features are popping up on your #fyp. The Stitch feature allows users to take short snippets of other people’s videos and incorporate them into their own TikTok videos, while Duets provides the ability to place your video alongside another user’s video with both playing at the same time.

Get Your E-Commerce Brand Ready for TikTok

There you have it – 10 TikTok trends for 2022 (and a bonus trend!) that your e-commerce brand can use. Remember, authenticity is key. If a specific trend doesn’t feel right for your brand, it probably isn’t so try and focus on the trends that allow your brand to shine as its authentic self. We’re here to help your brand navigate TikTok so reach out, and together we’ll start trending in the most positive of ways – #tiktokmademebuyit (7.4 billion views and counting)!

About the author: Jeff is an analytical and creative Digital Strategist with 9+ years of Social Media, Influencer and Content Marketing experience with various brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Lenovo, Motorola, Ulta Beauty, Malin & Goetz, Teleflora, b New York and Raaka Chocolate – to name a few. He started his career as a copywriter, penning copy for an online sports company where he found his work featured on the back covers of national publications and featured on ESPN Radio. He currently resides in Seattle where he likes to spend as much time outside as possible with his wife and three kids, one of which is a dog.

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