Top 10 Mobile Advertising Trends to Watch

February 23, 2018

Cell phones are everywhere – EVERYWHERE. This means that any point during the day you have an opportunity to reach these individuals. No more having them tune in to a specific TV show at a specific time to see your ad. No more having to trick them to read your print ad in the big pile of junk in their mailbox. No more cluttering sites with display ads (that they’re avoiding, anyway).

Of Course … things are changing quite rapidly for all this mobile advertising, too. It’s not just about shooting a text message anymore.

Here are ten mobile ad trends you need to keep an eye on this year …

  • Rich Media – Banners and texts are on the way out in place of video and other forms of media that are highly interactive through social features.
  • Augmented Reality – We may see an adoption of AR thanks to wearable technology like Google Glass or smart watches. This may give advertisers the ability to display ads which seem a part of the environment.
  • Big Data & Timing – Tracking and the use of big data may give advertisers the ability to deliver an ad experience during specific times such as when an individual enters a store (pulling data from their GPS and buying habits).
  • Premium (Bloatware) Apps – Many new devices (like the Samsung S5) are coming with a ton of built-in premium apps. This means marketers can reach people right out of the box but could also lead many to cry foul because it feels like bloatware.
  • Voice – People love using voice to interact with apps which is why we’ll certainly see advertisements and marketing material take this into account in their campaigns.
  • Bigger Budgets – Since phones and tablets are replacing many desktops we will see businesses increase their budget for mobile advertising – that’s for sure.
  • Personalization – Pulling data, usage, and permissions, advertisers will be able to personalize their marketing messages per user rather than running a blanketed campaign.
  • Cross Device Campaigns – Marketers will place their efforts into creating an ad experience which spans across multiple devices yet delivering a similar message.
  • More Mobile Payments – Trust in the mobile payment platforms will transform how individuals are consumers due to an ease of completing a transaction. There will be less resistance during the conversion process.
  • A Greater Divide – Many businesses are only now getting on board with websites let alone responsive ones which also go mobile. The gap will widen between small and large businesses.

What trends are you finding in mobile advertising? Share your thoughts with a comment, below.

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