Three Social Media News Stories That May Change Your Advertising

June 14, 2019

In the last week there has been major developments and changes to the growth and expansion of these three giants of the Web:

In case you are in a crunch for time we have gone ahead and condense these new stories into bite-sized chunks of what you need to know…


Facebook plans to roll out its auto-play video ads to third-party mobile apps. Facebook also has decided to begin introducing carousel ads across its network. The ads will “spill over” from existing advertising found on the platform. Eventually these ads will allow advertisers to target specific individuals based on their product purchases.

Thoughts: This is a game changer as auto-play ads have already been a huge success for advertising and engagement; reaching new avenues will surely allow you (and your advertising efforts) to grow your business through the FB platform like never before.


Twitter will begin reaching a global audience by introducing promoted tweets to over 167 countries and territories. The company offers ads in 15 different languages. Previously the sponsored tweets were only available in 33 countries.

Thoughts: The move to reach the international user base is going to make it very interesting if you, too, participate on a global scale. The U.S. makes up the majority of revenue for Twitter but this may soon change (along with the dynamics of competition). Without a doubt it will be worth taking a look if you have yet to dig into sponsored tweets.


Google has launched a competing platform to the very popular The new YouTube Gaming is available on multiple platforms and allows individuals to find their favorite content creators while giving a great amount of power to those individuals that enjoy streaming or creating content around video games. The new channels contains descriptions, uploads, past live streams, and a variety of other interesting features all housed under the YouTube might.

Thoughts: Twitch has done a fantastic job at showing that people want to watch video game streams (and other related content) but with YouTube stepping into the ring it will be a healthy boost of competition (and innovation) to the platforms. Content creators will be happy, viewers will be happy, and it will provide advertisers with a great deal of opportunities to reach these individuals via YouTube advertising. Gaming may not be your niche but it’s certainly going to change the game for some.

Image by Geralt

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