The Most Searched Social Apps

April 12, 2019

Some of the social apps you already know will be a regular in the searches (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc) but there are plenty that may surprise you.

Each app poses unique challenges when trying to reach users; this challenge is well worth the effort considering the amount of time individuals spend on these social apps.

The data can be hard to compress due to the sheer amount of downloads these apps receive each month; it’s a constant battle for supremacy and you never know when another comes along and sweeps the marketplace.

Here is a list put together by for the top social apps on the Google Play store:


As you could have guessed the big names are up there but there are plenty of dating sites, video sharing services, and texting platforms, too. Timehop is especially interesting seeing that it’s an app to share what you did one year ago but it makes perfect sense in the context of trends like #ThrowbackThursday.

Another interesting one from the list is Fronto which is an app which places ads and curated content on your lock screen; by using it you can slowly earn money.

Other apps that are really starting to make waves are from our friends around the globe. The U.S. market is starting to be shaken up by the popularity of foreign apps such as Twoo (a Belgian social network), MyMFB (a Muslim alternative to Facebook), and RenRen (China’s largest social platform).

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So what does all this say about what we need to be doing with our apps?

Simple: There needs to be social layers.

Even just recently the wildly popular app QuizUp has rolled out a set of social features into its platform allowing users to interact with one another between the games; this pivot may be the new trend app developers need to make once their app starts to gain traction (or should be something highly worth consideration during the developmental phase).

In all honesty the chances of your app making this kind of list is a shot in the dark but that’s only because the apps have significant financial backing and strong brand identity. What do you have? In a lot of ways the same opportunities but you must stay focused on your niche to be that major player.

Spend some time with these most searched social apps and begin keeping track of what features stand out as particularly engaging. Talk with people that use the apps frequently. Do your research and dig into the goals these companies have for their apps.

Once you have collected this information you will be able to refine your app, set laser focused goals for advertising, and provide an incredible experience that will keep users engaged.

Image by LoboStudioHamburg

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