The Best Facebook Ad Conversion Hacks

April 5, 2019

If this number or the fact you can reach those people anywhere at any time doesn’t blow your mind in terms of advertising and marketing your business, you’re an odd one.

The opportunities to be had through Facebook advertising are amazing, which is why it also happens to be a difficult platform to conquer (in itself and the numerous competition). Let’s not forget that copy and creative pose a difficulty since markets change, users frequently jump trends, there is a constant flood of information, layout changes, and everything else that’s a sensory bombardment.

Gone are the days you could slap together a simple stock photo, write something witty, fund the ad, and sit back to collect. Nowadays you need to put some real effort into that advertising and even then you may see a weak return on investment since everyone else is doing it.

It’s time to start hacking.

It’s time to go beyond the copy & paste routine of Facebook advertising and start poking opportunities within the platform that has the potential for significant reward.

Here are some of those things you should (at least) try to give a shock to your FB advertising (to boost those conversions):

Advanced location targeting

Facebook has a massive amount of data about an individual user and one of these key pieces of information that can be used to improve your Facebook advertising is their location. When creating your ad you can set very specific locations and utilize the to your advantage such as running campaigns during major events, holidays, brick & mortar promotions, and more. By keeping it localized you will (literally) hit home with your advertising which cause an immediate reaction with the individual.

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Lookalike audiences

Lookalike audiences are an immensely powerful feature of the Facebook advertising platform. Once you have uploaded customer data into the platform you are able to create custom audiences; going deeper with this list you can then create lookalike audiences which essentially tells Facebook to target those that match the characteristics of the custom audience. Since these lookalike audiences are so similar your efforts for finding the right target is greatly reduced which gives you more time to focus on improving copy and creative to connect with these individuals.


Search queries & hashtags

Have you explored the search feature of Facebook? You may have played around with it for personal reasons but when applied to advertising it can be incredibly powerful. You could, for example, do a query for “People who like [keyword]” and begin researching the common characteristics of these individuals. Alternatively, you could use similar queries to find groups & pages; on these pages you can find tags and other insights which can then be applied in the advertising targeting. Try using hashtags, too. Embedding yourself within these groups, based on their shared interests, will create continuity between the ad and their attention.

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Monitor like crazy

Is this a hack? Not so much but considering that far too many people fund ads, let them run, and only check into them once they are finished it certainly seems like one. What we’re talking about here is the importance of ongoing monitoring of those Facebook ad campaigns. It’s no secret that you can end up with many fake likes from dodgy profiles. If you see an influx of these coming through then you need to shut it down quick before you burn through your budget. Go back, afterward, and try to understand what keywords and targeting may have brought the fake likes to the campaign and apply filters that will block those countries or types that are flooding your efforts.

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Retargeting is a tactic is shamefully under-utilized by many that are advertising on Facebook. When invest in advertising, see that you are receiving clicks, but people are bouncing before the conversion it’s going to sting. Retargeting allows you to apply a tracking pixel to that individual so your advertising begins showing up on other networks and can be used on Facebook. The retargeting campaign will remind people of your brand and offer at a time when they are truly ready to make a buying decision.

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Still on the Ropes?

Facebook advertising can chew you up and spit you out if you go into it all willy-nilly. Yes, there are plenty of great guides and tutorials out there that can hold your hand through the process but it’s still going to sting if something goes awry.

Want to cut through the hassle of learning all these new skills so you can focus on the areas of business you enjoy the most? Get in touch with us at adQuadrant and we will create an FB advertising plan that works for you. We’ll put these hacks into full effect to drive a ROI that’ll put a smile on your face.

Let’s talk.

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