Bring Facebook Campaigns to Life With a Strong Creative Strategy

June 22, 2018

You’ve done your research with proper audience targeting but failing to deliver on creative means you’re missing out on a crucial element that’s going to deliver the real results.

We, at adQuadrant, combine our expertise of the Facebook platform with our keen attention-to-detail when working with businesses to ensure we fully understand the brand’s identity, opportunities, and what type of media/copy needs to be in place for a strong creative strategy.

Here is a peek into part of that process:

Step 1: Discovery

adQuadrant collects years of experience working in the direct response marketing industry. Part of the discovery process you will find when working with us include:

  • Data – We place a heavy focus on advanced targeting techniques, media buying, and reporting, along with first and third-party data sources, to help discover your true audience.
  • Technology – We use the best tools and resources in the industry to manage and conduct user research and tracking.
  • Behavioral – We devote a considerable amount of time understanding human psychology such as what visuals and social factors drive conversions.

During this phase of your campaign, we align our social advertising strategy with your business objectives and KPIs. We conduct careful market research and analysis. We will review your existing campaigns, competitor campaigns in your vertical and devise an actionable plan that meets and exceeds your goals.

Step 2: Creation

After information about your brand and target audience has been completed (as per step 1) we can then begin to deliver the creative strategy. These activities include:

  • Developing, setup, and management of paid marketing campaigns across channels like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more.
  • Creation of display ad that will be placed across DSPs, networks and direct media buys.
  • Email list management and contact to a highly segmented target audience.

We create social ads by keyword, precise interests, and can utilize data to build lookalike audiences. From there, we upload and manage all ads, landing pages and campaigns. We design the ads based on the market or what the popular trends are, and deploy many “outside of the box” strategies that are proven to work on Facebook and other social channels.

Step 3: Testing

No great campaign can be achieved without proper testing which is why we place such a high regard for this activity at adQuadrant.

The social advertising team begins the ramping up period for your campaign before testing and scaling. Campaigns are timely, fresh and relevant and on-trend with your market. The team begins tracking and reporting immediately to optimize and scale ongoing social advertising efforts. We fully control the ad management from top to bottom.

Step 4: Scale

Scaling, when working with us, includes:

  • Optimization based on required KPI (placement, targeting, bidding options, ROI, etc.)
  • Funnel analysis and testing from impressions and click through to conversion on an ad level
  • Monthly reporting and analysis
  • Weekly/bi-weekly status calls, monthly program reviews, and quarter strategy review to ensure everything is on track for growth

As the most complex and crucial stage of the social advertising campaign process, this phase involves ongoing optimization that’s measured against your objectives, and is designed to meet or exceed your goals.

Have a look at one of our many cast studies (click for an example) and see what we can bring to your business seeking a strong creative strategy.

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