Original Ways To Share Social Media Content

November 29, 2019

Here are last week’s top “don’t miss” social media marketing articles selected by the adQuadrant team.

20 Creative Ways To Share Social Media Content – via Buffer: It is incredibly easy to get stuck in a creative rut when strategizing and gathering new and unique ideas for social media marketing. Deciding what content to share and how to implement new social platform features are just two of the many decisions that must be made before sharing. Review these 20 social media content ideas to get over your creative block and post successful content.

Ask For The Sale In Facebook Ads – via Entrepreneur: Businesses struggling with social media and online advertising are often lacking time-sensitive copy in their ads. Providing prospects with a “call to action” will increase your audience engagement, drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately result in more profitable sales. Review these tips and adjust how you ask for the sale in your Facebook ads.

Product Pages Built To Drive Ecommerce Sales – via Wordstream: Does your ecommerce site motivate visitors? Does it come across as credible? Prospects reach websites through multiple platforms, land on various product and category pages, and immediately search for both credibility and reliability. Use this guide to turn each of your product pages into landing pages and earn immediate customer trust.

Make Your Facebook Ad Campaign Deliver – via AdEspresso: Despite strategizing, late night copywriting, and hard work, sometimes Facebook ads are rejected due to rule violation, budget, bid value, etc. These setbacks are absolutely fixable, despite the heartache and frustration they may cause. Follow this guide to identify why your ad campaign isn’t working and what you can do to fix it.

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