Social Media Asset Size Cheat Sheet: Best Practices for Every Network in 2022

April 22, 2022
by Joanne Rodrigues

Social media platforms are constantly updating their image sizes, formats, and requirements. From each platform’s unique dimensions to changing layouts and new features – it can be a daunting task for e-commerce brands to keep up with it all.

Because high-quality and precise imagery is crucial for the success of your social media campaigns, we’ve put together this cheat sheet to help your brand nail social media best practices in 2022.

Instagram Asset Sizes

Instagram is constantly updating its list of features, so you need to make sure your assets always keep up.

instagram creative best practices

Whatever size your asset is, maintain an aspect ratio of 9:16 to avoid tampering of your creative

Whether you upload a Reel, a Carousel, a landscape, or a portrait asset, Instagram will showcase a 1:1 image in your profile feed.

Facebook Asset Sizes

Despite being one of the ‘oldest’ social media platforms, and with such fierce competition from some of the newer ones, Facebook currently has almost 3 billion monthly active users. Make sure your Facebook assets are on point.

facebook creative best practices

For ads, use Facebook’s creative best practices to create attention-grabbing campaigns that convert with specific guidelines for images, videos, and other promotional assets.

TikTok Asset Sizes

There are just two main assets to consider when you want to nail TikTok’s creative best practices.

  1. Ensure that your profile image is a minimum of 20 x 20px and each video is 1080 x 1920px.
  2. Keep your TikTok video between 15-60 seconds in length, with an aspect ratio of 1:1 or 9:16.

tiktok creative best practices

YouTube Asset Sizes

The video platform still brings in millions of global viewers on a monthly basis, and overall mobile usage of the app has increased in recent years. This means all your assets need to be optimized for on-the-go devices and quick access.

youtube creative best practices

LinkedIn Asset Sizes

A vital social media platform for individuals and businesses alike, the assets you post on LinkedIn will be judged by potential talent, leaders in your industry and even your competitors.

linkedin creative best practices

LinkedIn can really elevate your business’s online presence so try not to leave any of these elements blank.


It’s not just about sticking to the character limits and using the right hashtags – tweets with a visual asset are 3x more likely to get engagement.

twitter creative best practices

If you are running ad campaigns on Twitter, follow their in-depth guide for each type of asset.

Nail Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2022

While you keep these sizes and dimensions in mind to meet the current requirements of each social media platform, it is also important to remember that every asset you post should be of optimum quality. Creative assets continue to be the key drivers for brand identity and social media engagement.

Our team has phenomenal relationships with each platform’s best representatives and we can help you keep up with evolving guidelines, new capabilities of each platform, and any social media marketing updates. Contact us and learn how we encourage your audience to take the actions that matter most to your e-commerce brand.

About the author: Joanne has lived in five countries and is always on the hunt for a new city to explore. After a Masters in English Literature from the University of Leeds, she landed an internship at Google that ignited her passion for all things digital. She has 10 years of experience in content writing, reads 2 books a week, and loves ‘90s pop culture.

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