Shoptalk 2022 – What Is It and Why Your E-Commerce Brand Should Pay Attention

March 23, 2022
by Joanne Rodrigues

Educational, life-changing, dynamic, and thought-provoking. Not to mention highly entertaining. Shoptalk, the annual gathering of the best names, top talent, and industry experts in the retail world is back with a bang this year. And we can’t wait to attend in person!

Team adQuadrant will be there to get updated on all the newest trends across the e-commerce and retail world. We’ll also be exchanging ideas with some of the biggest names in the disruptive and exciting world of retail and e-commerce. With just a few days to go, we thought it would be great to list what we’re most excited about at Shoptalk 2022, and give you the lowdown on how the event can benefit your e-commerce brand.

Shoptalk 2022 – what is it?

The annual event that is held in Las Vegas every year brings together thousands of professionals from well-established retailers and brands, investors, startups, tech companies, media outlets, and more.

Shoptalk 2022 will be held from March 27-30th at Mandalay Bay and promises a packed agenda of roundtable discussions, workshops, interviews with experts, and other networking events to help you engage and connect with like-minded peers and professionals from the industry. This annual congregation of individuals and companies has reshaped the way consumers discover, shop, and buy and will help you rethink the way your e-commerce brand markets to consumers as well.

Join us at Shoptalk 2022 and together we’ll network, collaborate, evolve, and grow your e-commerce brand.

What E-Commerce Brands Can Take Away from Shoptalk 2022

As an e-commerce business, you need to do everything you can to shake things up and stay ahead of your competition in today’s tough market. From exploring new ideas in retail marketing to learning from common mistakes other startups have made in the past – The ideas and conversations that will take place at Shoptalk 2022 will provide you with plenty of opportunities for this.

  1. Shoptalk 2022’s E-Commerce Heavy Speaker Lineup

This year, Shoptalk is bringing together speakers from some of the top e-commerce and digital retail brands in the country and from across the world. The robust lineup will feature inspiring leaders from e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Instacart, Alibaba, eBay, DoorDash, Target, and more.

Top names in the retail and e-commerce industry who will hold talks and workshops include:

  • Ethelbert Williams, Head of eCommerce at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health
  • Letitia Webster, SVP eCommerce at Tractor Supply
  • Todd Hassenfelt, Ecommerce Growth Strategy & Planning Lead at Colgate-Palmolive
  • Heather Bennett, EVP, Marketing & eCommerce at Michaels Stores
  • Matt Cleary, Head of Retail & eCommerce at TikTok

E-commerce brands like yours will learn a lot from hearing Leslie Leifer, VP of Enterprise Strategy & Business Development at, talk about evolving strategies for product discovery in e-commerce, and Michael Krakaris, co-founder of Deliverr, discuss how automation and other technologies are reinventing e-commerce fulfillment.

  1. Network with the Best Minds in E-Commerce and Retail with ‘Shophopping’

75% of professionals state that conferences like Shoptalk lead to more social interaction and bonding with peers and 85% of them find that events like these build stronger and more meaningful business relationships. Now that in-person events are back in action, it’s time for your e-commerce brand to leverage the potential they offer to network with the best-of-the-best. Discuss key opportunities about what’s currently working and how to prepare for the future.

Shoptalk 2022 brings back its popular networking event ‘Shophop’, designed to forge new peer connections as well as strengthen existing relationships in a fun, relaxed social environment. Interact with pioneers in the field while broadening your e-commerce horizons at this high-end “pub crawl” that is only open to attending retailers and brands, giving you exclusive access.

  1. Revamp Your Retail Marketing Efforts

E-commerce marketing has undergone a huge shift in recent years. Attending some of the marketing-centric talks and workshops at Shoptalk 2022 will give you exactly the boost of confidence you need to tackle retail marketing in the next few years.

Pay close attention to the Marketing Workshops on Day 2 to learn how to assess your marketing KPIs and deliver impactful purpose-driven marketing campaigns for your e-commerce brand.

Track 2 on Days 3 and 4, will guide you towards preparing for the fast-approaching cookieless future. These events also take a deep dive into experiential marketing so that your e-commerce business will be able to explore retail marketing opportunities across physical, digital, and the metaverse realms.

Shoptalk 2022 - What Is It and Why Your E-Commerce Brand Should Pay Attention

  1. Stay on Top of New Merchandising Trends

E-commerce merchandising influences the purchase habits of your users and can entice customers to make a decision. Displaying the right variety of your products is key to e-commerce success so make sure you attend the ‘Advances in Merchandising’ talks on Day 2 of Shoptalk 2022. You’ll get to hear insights from Priya Venkatesh, SVP of Merchandising at Sephora, and Joe Kudla of Vuori among others.

We’re also excited about Day 3’s ‘Tech Startup Spotlight: Marketing and Merchandising’ where you’ll be able to take notes on how to make online shopping more immersive and learn how to navigate the complex and evolving world of digital commerce using innovative new product and merchandising technologies.

  1. Learn about Digital Commerce in 2022 and Beyond

If navigating the metaverse is on your agenda this year (like most e-commerce brands), then Shoptalk 2022 has plenty in store for you. Take part in the ‘Understanding the Metaverse: Technologies, Challenges, and Opportunities’ workshop to discuss the near-term opportunities and pitfalls for brands and retailers and learn how to navigate immersive technologies ranging from VR to NFTs, to creating virtual products and e-commerce stores.

Don’t miss talks by top names from Meta – Eva Press, VP of Global Business Group, and Benji Shomair, VP of Commerce Business. You’ll also get to watch Shoptalk’s Documentary Premiere of ‘Retail’s Metaverse Opportunity’ on Day 2, followed by an interview with PacSun President Brieane Olson.

Meet us at Shoptalk 2022

Shake those hands. Pick those brains. Sign that deal. Take your e-commerce brands to new heights by attending Shoptalk 2022.

We’ve only covered the basics, Shoptalk 2022 will be everything and more a retail and e-commerce trade show can be. Reach out to schedule a meeting with us while you’re there, we’d love to see you in person at Shoptalk 2022!

About the author: Joanne has lived in five countries and is always on the hunt for a new city to explore. After a Masters in English Literature from the University of Leeds, she landed an internship at Google that ignited her passion for all things digital. She has 10 years of experience in content writing, reads 2 books a week, and loves ‘90s pop culture.

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