Shifting Your Advertising Strategy During COVID-19

September 25, 2020

Right now is a great time to double down on these shifts instead of waiting to see how things play out. To help brands shift and execute their advertising strategies, we’ve gathered some analytic insights as well as compiled tips to help during this time of uncertainty.

Tip #1: Right now is the time for the food, health, or pet industry

Brick and mortar stores are suffering as more people are deciding to shop from home. With more time on their hands, customers are likely to spend their days making purchases online. Brands that allow for delivery (barring any supply chain issues) can assist customers in social distancing – all while providing them with necessary items.

Now is the time to drive sales through online channels. With people making the majority of meals and beverages in their homes, businesses that sell food delivery services or meal kits, wine, beer, or spirits subscriptions will see a spike in sales. The same holds true for vitamins and supplements, pet food, and any other industry that allows for delivery on essential items.

Online Sales Trends

  • Month-over-Month Sales: +20.3% (March pacing compared to February)
  • Daily Sales Trend: +10.93% (March 17th, compared to March 10th)
  • Trending Up: Food, General, Health, Outdoor, Pets
  • Trending Down: Apparel, Auto, Sports

(data from

Tip #2: Change your messaging

It’s essential to change your messaging and imagery to ensure it matches the massive shifts in customer’s everyday lives. People won’t be traveling anytime soon. People are at home. Tailor your content and messaging to this new normal!

In ordinary circumstances, brands might tailor their messaging and imagery to reference an upcoming trip or vacation (for example, Spring Break), but in this instance, when people will not be traveling over break, it would be more effective and topical to use messaging that discusses buying items to make your staycation a bit more exciting.

Additionally, now is also a great time to offer a discount to acquire new customers. Prospects may want to try your product for the first time, but with competition and tight funds, might need an extra push.

Ad Creative and Copy Trends since March 12th

  • 30% decrease in the use of “human connection” image/video (hugging, kissing, holding hands)
  • 8% decrease in the use of “travel” imagery
  • 6x washing imagery/video
  • 2x “cleanliness” imagery/video

(data from

Tip #3: Change the products you are featuring

There is a marketing opportunity to feature products that can help customers during this difficult, uncertain time. There’s a difference between fear-mongering and offering a product that will truly make someone’s day, week, or life better – and customers know the difference.

Everyone is willing to take a moment and look at a product that might make them feel better right now – so if you have that product, tell a customer why it will make them feel better, don’t try to scare them into a purchase. They will appreciate it, and your product!

Tip #4 Thrive and change to connect with your audience

Customers are looking for ways to better their daily lives, inside! For example, Netflix recently released “Netflix Party” to binge shows and movies with your friends, while we are all social distancing! This is a great way to connect people that miss each other through an online experience.

Think about the things that customers are concerned about right now! They miss their friends, their gym, maybe their nail salon. How can you alter your messaging to provide them with something they’re missing?

If you’re a makeup brand, maybe you can take this time to suggest having an “online makeup and wine party” so girlfriends can feel like they’re together, socializing again. It’s time to add value to your customers’ lives – how can you make that happen?

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