Securing a New Acquisition Channel for Top Credit Score Provider: CASE STUDY

December 15, 2017

Within the first 6 months after starting with Affiliate Media, we were key in moving that number upwards of 10,000 new customers per-month.


  • Pilot a new acquisition funnel for an advertiser in the highly competitive, mature gaming industry.
  • To work with a top credit score provider client to expand their online and mobile customer acquisition, and create a strong basis for future growth.
  • Generate 5,000 new paying customers monthly through web and mobile channels including Social, Display, Paid Search, Email, and Affiliate traffic.
  • Maintain retention of new members through first billing cycle at a rate of 41% by A) Targeting Marketing Initiatives and B) Optimization of the backend conversion funnel.
  • Build a long term sustainable customer acquisition channel, along with a complementary digital marketing strategy.


  • Fully understand client’s metrics, historical performance and needs. Built a bespoke strategy tailored to generate targeted, high-quality traffic to achieve scale without sacrificing quality.
  • Developed a strategy targeted to the best suited audience for the product, and an analysis of the best promotional assets and traffic sources that would deliver the most desirable results.
  • Leveraged our relationships and expertise working with the top publishers to secure placements that would increase volume without sacrificing quality.
  • Create and tested multiple creatives and conversion funnels to create the best balance of quality consumers and a top performing campaigns.


  • Grew the client acquisition channel from generating less than 1,000 new customers monthly to 10,000+ new customers per month.
  • At our highest grossing quarter, we produced over 42,000 new customers.
  • Increased customer quality by 29% (41% Retention to 53%+ Retention of new members through first billing cycle)


  • The foundations we built are still the #1 source for new user acquisition for the client to date.

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