Securing a New Acquisition Channel Through Facebook: CASE STUDY

December 8, 2017

In 2013, we worked with a client in the gaming vertical that achieved significant scale on Facebook, surpassing expectations in ad spend and new customer acquisitions while meeting cost and performance goals. All of this was achieved despite high player saturation.


Pilot a new acquisition funnel for an advertiser in the highly competitive, mature gaming industry.


Using the Facebook platform, we were able to hone in on demographics and targeting in an effort to minimize any wasted advertising dollars and drive the highest quality players. We designed feature rich creatives based on the client’s casino games and a strong Call to Action to drive new players to a desktop casino download.


Within 180 days, Affiliate Media paired the client’s existing lead generation campaign with highly optimized traffic sources.  We launched, optimized and scaled the campaign, exceeding the client’s expectations on both time to deliver and new customer acquisition costs and increased customer quality by 48%.


We  came in 25% below CPA goal, and became the client’s largest acquisition partner. In so, we delivered:

  • Average NGR (Net Gaming Revenue) return over four months came in at over 84%
  • Converted 3,800+ new depositing players from signups
  • Drove 38,100+ total signups for free play at a targeted eCPL

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