Real Time Reporting: Why It’s Vital in 2014

March 2, 2018

There is a lot of content on the Web and each passing minute new sites are created, millions of messages are sent through social media, and thousands more are coming online.

In that mess of it all floats your brand and business – vying for attention in an endless sea of competition and content. When there were just a few competitors and platforms you could realistically keep track of your brand but now, with the Net’s explosive growth, it’s becoming a seemingly impossible task to keep track of it all.

  • What are people saying on social media?
  • Who is linking to your products?
  • Where are people placing your reviews?

These are all questions one should ask if they value brand management. It’s also the same questions one should ask if they plan to succeed with their online marketing.

Real time reporting is a crucial asset for businesses that operate online.

  • It allows them to identify those talking about the brand
  • It allows them to find qualified leads
  • It allows them to respond to important feedback

Consider your efforts when launching a new product.

With real time reporting you can keep track of its reception as it begins to spread across the Web. You will have the ability to identify the blogs and websites that participate in its coverage and use that to contact and reward their participation. Likewise, your business can identify and provide service to those vocal on social media which could either increase interest (and sales) when it’s positive or quell the flames if their feedback is negative.

Services like those provided by AdQuadrant (AffiliateMedia) creates a strategy behind these campaigns which make growth manageable as a business owner. Services which aid in optimal targeting across demographics, publishers, and placement of products (and your brand) allows constant monitoring because it is directed and highly-maintained.

“The brands that listen in real time and take advantage of that information to either readjust their campaigns or respond to commentary or customer service issues are the brands that are being successful in social,” said Gordon Evans (reported by

It’s no longer a matter of “if it’s possible” as it is “when’s the soonest we can begin?”

Real time reporting must be part of your marketing efforts in 2014 and beyond if you wish to keep up with the rapid expansion of the Web.

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