How To Prepare Your Mobile App for Success

November 23, 2018

Mobile has become an obvious place to advertise.

The report, Essential Facts about the Computer and Game Industry, paints the picture this dynamic growth in mobile and mobile gaming:

  • 59% of American play video games
  • 53% of games are played on a smartphone
  • 41% of games are played on a wireless device

The report comes with many other interesting facts that will liven any team poised to make their break into the mobile app marketplace:

  • There is a 50/50 split between male/females when it comes to purchasing in-game
  • Casual/social games account for 30% of the market, 28% puzzle/trivia/card-types, 24% action/sports/rpg, and the other 19% are divvied up to MMO and other.
  • $21.53 billion is spent on gaming each year

If those are the type of facts that get your team into a flurry then consider the next set of actions which will prepare your mobile app for success…

Laying the Foundation

In the early stages you and the team are laying the foundation for much of the actions that will take place afterward but mainly getting things rolling with bringing recognition to what’s about to launch:

  • Build buzz around the launch by collecting emails, setting up social profiles, and collecting feedback to finalize any last-minute changes that could be selling points for the app
  • Select and set a date for the launch to get you, your team, and the community ready for this big, momentous day (which also keeps promotional efforts timed and in-line with the launch)
  • Ensure that all optimization is poured into the app marketplace to really capture those major keywords, copy, creative, and call-to-action signals that will help give it placement
  • Make sure customer service is in line for when the app is launching to address any comments, concerns, or feedback which can be turned into talking/buzz points for the work
  • Get out there and start creating buzz-worthy content (blog posts, videos, interviews, and more) to expedite the community awareness and then leverage that buzz to reach PR individuals that are able to cover the app and its launch on major tech/app websites
  • Tap into your existing community to see if they are willing to join in with the promotion by creating content from their perspective about the upcoming app (especially if they had the privilege to be in the alpha or beta testing stages)

Got a solid chunk of time? Consider digging through the meat of these videos if you want to get to the down and dirty of launching a successful app:

Once you have laid this foundation you can then begin to really ramp up efforts since most (if not all) items are in place; it’s a matter of seizing the opportunity, turning advertising/marketing efforts to 11, and giving it your all to see those download numbers count up and up.

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