How To Grow Your Customer Base at a Fixed Predictable Rate

February 9, 2018

If you’ve pulled off a successful marketing campaign pushing a sale. Or some sudden viral hit on the social circuit.

But as a business you shouldn’t rely on spikes to keep the business afloat. You should certainly accept them when it happens but your primary focus should be on building your customer base around a fixed, predictable rate.

Predictability in customer acquisition means you will see a steady rise in revenue. It also means you’ll have reliable data which can be used to improve long-term goals and campaigns.

But let’s focus on the issue: how one goes about growing at a predictable rate.

Here are a few core concepts that will get the ball rolling:

  • Refer on a Personal Level – Take the time to talk with each and every individual that has done business with your company. Truly get to know them and build a real relationship outside of the sale. In time you could inject an idea that they begin referring their closest friends and family members to your company. Your close relationship with the individual will allow you to provide them with the necessary resources to make these referrals. One-by-one you will slowly grow but it will be predictable and (somewhat) mechanical in the process.
  • Franchise – Use your time and resources to develop a streamlined version of your business and begin offering it through franchise options. Work hand-in-hand with each new franchise to increase their rate of success. Then, give these new owners the tools and resources to continue the franchise under their guidance which is effectively setting a long-term growth strategy that becomes easier to roll out with each new franchise.
  • Identify the Low Hanging Fruit – The expression, for those that don’t know, are the accessible opportunities within the current conditions of the business. By introducing new offers based on the existing items you will create new revenue streams and customer lists that would have otherwise been unobtainable without this additional effort.
  • Excel in Customer Service – Make your customer service a top priority. Provide the necessary tools and resources to your customer service reps to deliver unforgettable experiences. Cut out the corporate structure and deal with people on a real level. Offer iron-clad guarantees, talk with them regularly, ask for feedback, send them goodies, and help them vocalize their love for the brand on the Web. Each time you gain praise is another customer locked for life – their praise may also be what tips others into giving your brand a try (repeat the service for these new individuals and that base will grow and grow).

What would you say are the best ways to grow your customer base on a steady, predictable manner?

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