Report: Native Ads and their Huge Potential with Social Networks and Media Publishers

June 15, 2018

This spur in growth appears to be fueled by the mobile use of these venues since native ads work best in content streams of people that tend to access sites and applications through their smartphone or tablet.

The perception of native advertising, however, is just as varied as the ads themselves and the place where they are displayed.

The current (variable) terminology comes as:

  • “Native Advertising”
  • “Sponsored Content”
  • “Branded Content”

These are generally seen as interchangeable though some do try to make distinctions.

Despite the nuances of terminology – perceived effectiveness in native advertising is fueling investment.

From 2011 to 2016, U.S. social ad revenues will climb from $3.8 billion to $9.8 billion (21 percent CAGR). Several drivers will spur this growth: increased market awareness and adoption, improvement in ad unit performance, and greater penetration of dynamic formats such as video (with YouTube as the leader). [1]

eMarketer has predicted a few interesting insights about ad spending:

  • US print ad spending will decline from $32.16 billion in 2014 to $31.29 billion in 2018
  • Digital ad spending on newspapers and magazines will increase to $8.41 billion by 2018, from $7.48 billion in 2014, but these gains will still leave the industry essentially flat for the forecast period

As the numbers grow in the digital landscape it’s quite apparent why so many media companies are so eager to create new revenue streams through these creative, native ads.

For brand marketers and agencies they have set their sights on a handful of main objectives:

  • Awareness (the top objective)
  • Branding & brand affinity
  • Lead generation

View the following to see the numbers:


Upon reading this it should be apparent that native ads are increasingly becoming the driving factor for brands wanting to make an impact online and through mobile.

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