5 Must-Haves For Your Next Push Notification Provider

April 20, 2018

Due to this widespread adoption – your business now has access to targeted users without the hassle and encumbrance of having to connect via personal computer.

Think of it like this: You have the ability to deliver your message to people at any time and any place.

To do this is no easy feat … on your own, that is.

Delivering your marketing and informational messages to a users’ mobile device can be done if you’re ready and willing to invest time and resources into push notification but the better, inexpensive alternative is to use a push notification provider.

Here are five things what you should look out for when selecting one of these providers:

1. Scalability

What happens if your push notification campaign is a sudden hit with the users? What if it grows by 1000% overnight? You want to ensure your provider has the technology and ability to scale their offerings to accommodate to this growth.

2. Advanced Reporting and Customization

All information should be readily available to you (within reason). Access to information can be used to increase the conversion and response of your campaigns which is why it’s necessary. Be sure to seek a provider that gives options for regular and advanced reporting. Dashboards should come with customization options to give reports that wills streamline this process.

3. Online Integration

It may be about mobile but people are still going to use their computers. A push notification provider should be able to deliver those messages to applications and services a user has installed on their computer to ensure they are receiving a message at the right time.

4. Geographical Targeting, History, and Triggers

Where the user may reside is a gigantic factor in how they will respond. Being able to curate the push notifications based on geographical locations will do wonders for increasing conversions. Triggers are another great element to the campaign; campaigns using triggers can be shaped and changed based on response which will lead to higher engagement. The provider should also allow you to look through its history to improve your campaigns, too.

5. Privacy Compliant

It goes to say that it’s quite worthless to invest money and time into push notification if it breaches the privacy and security of the individuals involved. Failure to adhere to privacy concerns (especially in the EU where they are very strict) will alienate users and lead to a fiasco in terms of legality.

In all – an investment into push notification can change the way you do business. You are no longer limited to the basics of online marketing (like email, PPC, and others). Having direct access to your customers and targeted leads can have a profound effect on growing your business but going at it alone may not be worth your time and effort. As the article suggestions – consider employing the use of push notification providers … just make sure to look for these five must-haves.

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