Mobile Marketing Best Practices: According to Ash Kumar

March 30, 2018

From that data there have been four main best practices pulled from the information collected that Kumar compiled on the Tapsense blog, and we’ve rounded up our takeaways from his data in the article here.

iPhone and iPad are Most Important

The difference between iOS and Android users are quite different.

The biggest difference between the user types is that iOS users are more likely to engage in mobile commerce (m-commerce).

A report by Comscore (linked) reveals that …

“iPhone users show a greater propensity to engage in this behavior with 23 percent having done so vs. 17 percent of Android owners. iPhone owners are also more likely to make purchases on their phones on a regular basis.”

Take-away: Android is a platform worth pursuing but your main efforts should focus on the iOS users.

Apps are Preferred over Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are very valuable when compared to forcing an individual to use the full website within their small screens via tablets or smartphones but the general consensus is that apps provide the best experience. collected the data and found:

  • 55% of users found apps more convenient
  • 48% found the apps to be faster
  • 40% found them easier to use
  • 26% said it was easier to shop

Take-away: Put the effort into building a robust, functional app for your business.

The Mobile KPIs that matter are…

  • Cost per download
  • Cost per visit
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Lifetime value

These are the items that should be front and center when it comes to mobile marketing. They are the easiest to use as benchmarks and ultimately give the greatest value.

Take-away: Don’t get inundated with vanity metrics – focus on the ones that matter.

Find the Best Marketing Channels and Strategies with Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis is a data visualization tool that measures a specific group (cohort) and follows them over time. The business can set intervals in their mobile strategy for delivering their indicatives which will lead to a greater understanding of its user. Once data has been collected and compiled a business can rework their strategies to maximize their efforts on specific time patterns.

Take-away: Listen and learn from your target market. Time your efforts for maximum exposure based on their usage habits.

For additional best practices and strategies be sure to take a look at the other suggestions compiled and introduced by Ash Kumar.

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