Mobile Marketing Best Practices for 2014

January 5, 2018

Most business owners recognize that a change in the world’s technology demands a changing in marketing, and mobile marketing is an ever-evolving field. While there’s no way to guarantee campaign messages will be seen, or convert, these best practices marketing have shown to increase the odds of getting a reaction from a recipient:

  • Create Exclusivity – Mobile app marketing campaigns should be exclusive campaigns. Deals sent through email or text should be available only to your mobile list.
  • Keep business hours – Most phones notify users when messages come in. Many people sleep with their phones in the same room. Don’t send messages in the middle of the night. Keep separate lists by time zone to send messages at appropriate times of day.
  • Data Mine – Create a sign-up with optional survey questions. If you let people know it will improve their experience, many customers will answer a few non-invasive questions. Use the information to tailor messages to individual groups to get better engagement.
  • Use Triggered Messages – Integrate your mobile marketing with website data. Research shows a positive correlation between emails based on user-action, such as the viewing of a product or the adding of a product to a shopping cart, and message open rates, according to analytics company KISSmetrics.
  • Make the Subject Snappy – Best practices SEO indicates that short, interesting email subject lines are more likely to get opens.

In the expansive field of Internet marketing, mobile marketing is still relatively young. Many of the early growing pains have already been worked out, though, and when it comes to promoting a business online, a well-deployed mobile plan is one of the most effective tools in the marketer’s toolbox

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