Mobile App Marketing Costs Run High: How To Minimize Costs

April 20, 2018

One would imagine this expansive growth of the iPhone to be a blessing to developers but the market it has created has brought with it a mass of saturation which is difficult for users to sort and find quality downloads.

Despite breaking record numbers in terms of downloads the cost for acquiring a loyal user has also seen its rise – by almost three times to be specific (source). In 2012 one could expect to acquire a customer for about $1.30 but by 2013 it was reaching $1.62 and more.

Reports detailed by Fiksu’s Loyal User Acquisition Cost Index shows this trend continuing to rise …

The question is not whether your app can reach the market … it’s how it can get through the noise to reach individuals, turn them loyal, and keep the costs low.

To do so it really comes back to the basics

  1. Develop a valuable or entertaining app that people actually want to use (that isn’t riddled with bugs, attempt to corrupt privacy, or continually break).
  2. Optimize the listing with proper use of keywords in the title and by writing a very thorough description. This should stay concurrent with all other promotional and marketing efforts to prevent any confusion with new and existing users.
  3. Think long-term with the monetization of your app. Find incremental ways for users to become customers such as through premium options that are worthwhile rather than trying to game them for in-app purchases through trickery.
  4. Work in tandem with customer service and marketing efforts to get users to rate your app(s) and use that feedback to make logical improvements that will keep it installed (and used) rather than quickly forgotten and discarded.

The app store will continue to reach saturation with each passing quarter. This will increase, exponentially, due to an ease in development via easy-to-use platforms. When reaching the marketplace you have to do it hard. You have to do it quick. You have to do it with value. That is how you’ll cut through the noise, retain those users, and minimize the costs.

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