Mobile App Install Advertising: A Tutorial & Checklist

June 1, 2018

They’re also showing 63% of their monthly active users are also their daily active users.

Their most recent quarter saw ad revenues grow 82% year-over-year.  Mobile accounted for 59% of their ad revenue, up from 53% in Q4. [1]

Facebook’s next big venture (taking on the giants like Google and Apple) is coming about in the form of mobile app install advertising. [2]

For the developer or marketer itching to get a start in FB’s mobile app install ads – here are a few items for your checklist to get the ball rolling.

1. Get in there – get in there now

The earlier you can get on board the better. Why? Because once this platform begins to take off in popularity you’re going to see the CPC rates begin to climb. Right now they’re at a low price point; it’s ideal for collecting data and converting users on the cheap. It’ll only be so long before it settles at higher rates so get in there now.

2. Work with the FB reps when budgeting

Your starting budget is going to generally be too low to get a great set of starting data (usually around $50 a day). In time it will increase to $1,000. But what you should do is get in touch with an FB ad rep to negotiate bigger budgets from the get-go so you can get things rolling fast.

3. Create and implement lookalike segments

Get acquainted with creating custom and lookalike audiences. This is your data uploaded to the Facebook advertising platform which allows you to segment customers. By doing so you gain the advantage of developing ads based on behaviors and habits of existing customers or using their data as a way to find new, potential leads (via lookalike audiences).

4. One campaign – one ad per campaign

Take the time to break down each campaign. Focus a campaign on a single keyword then create the ad copy and place in the image. Then start creating variations of these ads to improve your CTR and ROI. Keeping it just 1-to-1 will prevent data from getting too convoluted with overlapping information which will make it hard to read and understand.

5. Test the bidding options

Take some of your highest performing ads, create duplicated, and test out the different bidding options to find which works within your budget and which brings you the highest ROI.

6. Balance the segmentation

You could go all out and create thousands of segments but then it would become very difficult to manage. A smarter option is to balance the granularity of the segmentation using parameters such as an age range, interests, and user sex.

7. Start mobile tracking

Spending money to run your campaigns without any form of tracking means you’re burning your budget without receiving any actionable data. If you want to keep things organized you need to keep track of your mobile or hand it over to a team that knows the ins and out of FB advertising like adQuadrant.

8. Learn the FB Power Editor

The FB Power Editor tool is very robust and flexible so you can expect it to have many features and options. If you want to make the most of the editor then you need to spend some time gaining education on its uses and best practices.

9. Rotate images and/or ad copy

When your CTR begins to dip you need to start switching out the images and/or ad copy. Keep a swipe file of what’s working for your competitors. Use Facebook ad best practices. Consult with experts. Work with designers and copywriters to provide an endless stream of media for your advertising.

10. Develop a work flow

Lastly – create a workflow for your participation with FB app install advertising. Record and track what you do from start to finish. Examine and break down your actions into steps which could be passed on to another member of the team. Make your own blueprint.

Facebook’s latest jump into mobile app installs will be a HUGE win for the company and those participating on the platform. Consider working with us at adQuadrant.

We have years upon years of experience working with Facebook in all areas of advertising, marketing, and data management. Our expertise and insights about the platform will help you create a strategy aligned to your goals, within your budget, and catered to your success.

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