Is Mobile Advertising Broken?

June 8, 2018

Advertising on mobile devices is still broken. Most of the non-search budgets are going to display and everyone wonders whether tiny little banners at the bottom or top of the screen work. Search is the killer revenue driver and is locked up by the same companies that dominate desktop search. Targeting and geo-location tools are advancing rapidly, but they’re being used to make poor creative units work a little better instead of re-shaping the whole mobile experience. [1]

Though the ideas are based in validity it’s apparent that the issue falls upon the brands and their advertising. The mobile networks are very mature and flexible but what goes wrong is when these small companies fail to follow best practices in their mobile advertising thus leading to wasted budgets and very little analytical data collected.

In essence – if you’re a brand offering a great product or service but do not have the technical know-how and experience with mobile advertising platforms it would be advised you reach out and connect to those that do such as adQuadrant.

Our cumulative experience across the web, mobile and social marketing platforms delivers data-driven, cutting-edge solutions and marketing campaigns that surpass our clients’ business objectives.

So instead of burying the idea of mobile advertising … get in touch and we’ll show you how to really make it work for you.

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