How To Measure Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

January 19, 2018

Although the ads make installation easy, it’s important to make sure your ads are as engaging as possible.

What are Facebook Mobile App Install Ads?

Most ads are of the traditional advertisement variety – that is, a simple message with a link to the company’s website. Facebook direct response ads take that a step further by linking directly to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) stores. This eliminates many of the barriers that typically get in the way of installs, such as people forgetting about the app or even what the app is called.

Do They Work?

One of the best things about Facebook mobile app install ads is that Facebook allows you to specify the exact audience you’re looking to target. This maximizes your chance of conversion while eliminating the costs that come with being seen by incompatible users.

SocialClicks states that mobile app install ads have a two to three percent click-through rate, lending credence to the effectiveness of this advertising medium. Additionally, according to Partytrack, Facebook mobile app install ads have a 12 percent higher retention rate than typical installations. This means that users return to the ads they install at a significantly higher rate as a direct result of the install ads. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to create the best ads in order to drive up your rate of active users.

Maximizing Effectiveness

Ampush has created a blueprint for maximizing your mobile install ads ROI. Among the most important tips offered are the following:

  • Testing. Trying different text and graphics combinations will show you which combinations work best for your app.
  • Exclusivity. Use only one ad for each device type (i.e. Android, iPad, iPhone) to ensure your ad will be seen as naturally and error-free as possible.
  • Broad Categories. Eliminate the guesswork of targeted marketing and use Facebook’s categorization system to pinpoint your ideal audience.
  • Call to Action. Give people an added incentive to download your app right now. This can include bonus in-game credits or added levels.

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