How To Maximize Facebook Ads CTR

April 6, 2018

When Facebook announced they would begin running PPC many marketers hopped on board and saw a great deal of success because users were freshly introduced to the concept.

In years’ time people have become increasingly blind to ads displayed on the Facebook network. Though still effective it’s becoming difficult to see the same level of response as you would some years ago.

There are, however, strategies worth noting to maximize your Facebook ads click through rate. Here are some of those strategies:

A. Target the Right Audience

One of the most powerful features of the PPC options available through Facebook is the ability to target an audience based on a massive amount of parameters not normally found in other PPC providers.

For example:

  • Specific interests (such as targeting a favorite movie)
  • Selecting specific locations a user may have visited
  • Geographical locations down to the towns they may live in

Knowing this you can select the right keywords and parameters to set when targeting your audience so clicks aren’t wasted from those that aren’t likely to purchase your product or services.

B. Make it Personal

Facebook is about connecting with people and the same can be said about the ads.

A few of the main reasons why using faces work in advertising include:

  • Faces naturally draw attention because our minds are programmed to look for facial features
  • The direction a face is looking can influence the direction a user may look
  • The use of real people gives a natural feeling for the brand

Let’s just cut to the chase and say this: use real people and use their faces if you can.

C. Poke and Understand

Pique their curiosity by asking questions, making statements, and laying claim to facts and figures that will naturally catch their attention.

Once you’ve begun to test these elements you can further refine your ad strategy to create harder hitting copy. This is the basics of advertising but it’s worth repeating.

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