How To Not Lose on Facebook Ads

March 16, 2018

Marketers and businesses trying to use the platform can’t simply set it and forget it like on other advertising channels. Those seeking to win with Facebook direct response must commit to analyzing their real-time performance, tweak bids, constantly build new ads, and test new keywords.

Do you think you can handle Facebook advertising on this level?

Most likely not for the average business owner or marketer. Sure, you may gain some success from campaigns but the real value of FB comes from your ability to commit a great deal of time to the platform (time which you may not have while operating the business).

Here’s what you should know about adQuadrant and advertising on Facebook:

  • Targeting. Money can be easily burned if you don’t completely understand your target demographic. Facebook provides some data but unless you’re able to quantify that data you are still likely to miss many opportunities. AQ connects those dots in demographics from a range of knowledge, expertise, third party data, and key metrics that will help you earn more from your campaigns due to the focus in targeting.
  • Management. Your best work is done managing your business. It can be tempting to put your hands into the advertising but this takes away your ability to lead your team effectively. A fitting option is by working with AQ which understands the best practices of Facebook advertising. Passing over management to the team will keep things moving forward than stuck in development limbo.
  • Creative. Not that great at graphic editing? Don’t know the copy to include in the ad? These items make or break your success. Like mentioned – new creative needs to be in the works on a near constant level in order to roll out new campaigns. Working with AQ will give you access to the creative team to ensure there is never a “burnt out” moment with your target audience.

There is a lot of hoopla about whether or not Facebook advertising “works”. It does. To see peak performance from your FB advertising campaigns you must remember the troubles one faces with the platform. This is why it’s a rewarding decision to partner with a company like adQuadrant to assist in developing, managing, and reporting advertising initiatives on the Facebook platform.

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