Instagram Ads vs Facebook Mobile Ads

January 3, 2020

Here are last week’s top “don’t miss” social media marketing articles selected by the adQuadrant team.

Lead Ads: Insta vs FB Mobile – via AdEspresso: If you are ready to begin a lead generation campaign, you need to find the best placement for your objective. Instagram or Facebook Mobile? This article dives into which platform earns more leads in the form of an experiment. Check out this data and see for yourself where you should be focusing your lead ads.

Use Facebook To Grow Internationally – via Facebook Business: Cross-border solutions provide a bridge for businesses to new, international customers. By adopting dynamic language optimization, multi-country lookalike audiences, multi-city targeting, and FB IQ Cross-Border Insights Finder, businesses now have the education and tools they need to reach the individuals who will grow their business internationally. Learn more here.

Bestselling Systems For More Customers And Leads – via Entrepreneur: The vast majority of businesses advertising on FB fall into one or more of three business categories: ecommerce and physical products, digital and information products (including software-as-a-service companies), or retail, local and service businesses. The categories are very different in terms of what they offer, who they compete with, etc. Use this article to discover the bestselling system for your particular business category.

Improve Ad Retargeting Campaigns – via Social Media Examiner: How efficient is your ad spend? Once you effectively monitor and manage your retargeting campaigns, you can clear away misleading data and drive both purchases and revenue. Check out this article and discover seven ways to organize and optimize your retargeting campaigns for improved customer relationships.

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