The Importance of Monetizing Mobile User Acquisition

December 22, 2017

With the competition as stiff as it is, techniques that may have worked fine in years past are simply no longer going to be effective going into 2014. When it comes to mobile user acquisition and monetization, there are a couple of key concepts that app developers need to consider going forward:

The future of mobile user acquisition is social

Having one user share an app with another user is still one of the most effective acquisition techniques there is. Social app platforms were able to drive tremendous growth with minimal investment based on this idea, but as of now, mobile app platforms have not had the same level of success. Many app developers are currently working to find ways to make it easy and fun for users to share their in-app experiences with friends.

Ad network transparency is essential

Mobile developers need to find ad networks that can tell them exactly what it is they are providing: where the app is being promoted, how the ads affect the user experience, and how the ads are creating both quality and quantity of user leads.

The freemium model is here to stay

Freemium apps have gained a large amount of market share over their paid counterparts, and this trend looks to grow even more pronounced in the future. This means that creating an engaging, valuable user experience is the first thing that mobile app developers should focus on. Once users realize that a mobile app is engaging and plays an important role in their lives, monetization will start to occur as a natural progression, either through paid upgrades or in-app purchases.

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