How To Use Facebook’s Advanced Ad Creation Capabilities

December 29, 2017

Understanding the nature of social media platforms, especially the Facebook platform, you know that the potential to increase your audience is there. You might be wondering how.

Facebook’s advanced ad creation offers you many clever and essential tools to help build ads that snap Facebook readers to attention and encourage them to click on your link or do more research on your products. Consider all the tools Facebook offers to help gently steer your marketing team in the right direction.

Detailed Report

Marketers who stay on top of the metrics available to them through this ad creation tool will benefit most. Your reporting ability begins when you set up your Facebook ad by carefully choosing your prospective audience. By targeting your goal demographics and focusing on your own objectives, you will see faster results that will lead to broadening your prospective audience in the future.

Once you are ready to take a look at your results, look at specific metrics within your page, such as “clicks to website,” “website conversions,” “page post engagement” and “likes.” Use Facebook Reports to access this vital information. Keep in mind that when you first create your ad account, it will take several hours to days for Facebook to set up your metrics then deliver a report, so you might not receive your first report for up to a week.

Multi Variate Testing

One of the many beautiful things about the Internet, especially when guiding your own ad campaign on a given platform, is that you have full control over the content and can alter it at any given time. If, after a period of time, you feel your ad is ineffective, simply change a single word, an image or scrap it and start again to see what works. Multi variant testing lets you constantly update your ads to suit your needs.


Choose between topic keywords and non-topic keywords for your ad copy in Facebook. Facebook features a protocol wherein you can participate in keyword bidding, search bidding and PPC bidding. Find and use the perfect keywords through this tool.

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