How to Optimize Your Conversions through Timing

April 19, 2019

The timing includes having resources ready on your end as well as knowing peak Web-usage of your prospects, which will allow you deliver the content at an optimal moment, which leads to greater engagement.

There are many barriers already present with online marketing:

  • User impatience (many stay on your site for just 15 seconds)
  • Banner blindness
  • A lack of trust or not understanding the USP

Add the factor of those fleeting moments that you are able to deliver an ad or piece of content to a prospect and you can see why timing is such an important element of your efforts that needs to be refined and optimized.

How do you optimize your conversions through timing?

Start Planning

Your business should always be in a state of research and development.

There should be a great amount of time and resources spent on understanding the habits of your prospects (when they are online, which sites they use, what they share, and so on). The R&D should also include planning around future projects/campaigns to create a foundation for when the pre-launch is to begin (such as developing a dedicated Facebook page well in advance of the product launch).

All of this planning allows your business to trickle information to the audience. The information will remain persistent within the discussion (even if it’s not the main focus). Once it’s time to scale the campaign there will already be a slight interest and buzz around the offer which will aid in its initial traction once the full campaign goes live.

Rush Prospects into the Experience

What happens when you hear about the release of a new movie and catch the teaser but then information goes dark for the proceeding months? You forget about it.

This is a very basic example but it happens all the time in every type of business. There is an initial excitement but because the business fails to create engagement between the launch, much of that excitement is lost and attention falls on other interests.

In regards to timing, you should rush your prospects into the experience as soon as they have signed up for a list, followed you on social, or preordered a product/service. Immediately you should give them content, community, and regular updates so they stay active throughout the development phase. When the time is right to launch, they will be there to help build the buzz and hype.

Riding the Trends & Events

Social media goes through trends on a daily basis which can be difficult to ride but not impossible. It requires you to keep your pulse on the community by following the early adopters and having a person (or team) that are able to quickly roll out campaigns that capitalize on the trend.

The other option is to work off current events. There are always ways to embed your brand into a current event and remain tasteful. An immediate example that comes to mind is that recent news of the Patriot Act and security; if you operated a security firm (or provided security products/services) you could tap into this current event/news item and share your opinion and value to those interested.

Delivery and Urgency

Which of these emails would you open?

  • Are you ready for our new webinar?
  • Today’s the last day to sign-up for our Friday webinar

The latter gives a sense of urgency which is directly proven to increase engagement. The other element of this message which makes it effective is the timing of when it is delivered. Knowing your audience through analytics and using research reported by social media companies could allow you to stage your updates (and campaigns) around peak times when segments of your audience are more likely to engage with the message.

Despite feeling you are delivering value to your prospects, they still won’t care if it’s not reaching them at the right time. You could have a product that could save thousands on taxes and they would go about their day, but when it comes tax season you bet your butt they will take notice. It’s about knowing your audience, their Web-usage, attention span, and giving the message a sense of urgency.

Before you go – here is an infographic (by Fanpage Karma) that will give insight about timing Facebook posts – but look beyond the FB-element and use it to generate ideas and insights about other marketing efforts and the timing you need to consider for them to be effective.


Image by Stevepb

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