How to Create an About Us Page Unique to Your E-Commerce Brand

September 2, 2022
by Merikay Noah

Does Your E-Commerce Brand’s Website Need an About Us Page?

Anyone coming to your e-commerce website for the first time will probably come to your home page or a product page. 

They’ve seen something that made them curious, but they aren’t customers yet. They don’t know your e-commerce brand and frankly don’t trust you yet. 

You need an About Us Page. In a recent study conducted by KoMarketing, 52% of respondents said the first thing they want to see when they land on a website is a company’s ‘About Us’ page – it’s where your potential customer will automatically look to decide if they can trust you.

How to Create an About Us Page Unique to Your E-Commerce Brand

An About Us Page Is Critical to Your E-Commerce Brand’s Success

Last year, online shopping scams accounted for a staggering $392 million in reported losses from consumers—up from $246 million in 2020. In 2022, your potential customers approach every new website with skepticism. 

Who they’re doing business with is crucial to them. Pre-internet, they formed in-person buying relationships and could quickly decide if they trusted those businesses.

Your About Us page helps to establish your relationship with shoppers you hope will become customers. 

If that page strikes the right chord, wonderful! If something feels off, that’s a problem. 

Your About Us page needs to establish rapport, build trust, and reassure shoppers so they feel confident about purchasing. 

Examples of E-Commerce About Us Pages That Work

Let’s look at three e-commerce About Us Pages. All have different approaches that work. Their budgets vary, yet their methods are valid for any size e-commerce company. 

Something they’re doing right could help you create an About Us Page that ensures your shoppers get to know your e-commerce company well enough to trust you. 

How to Create an About Us Page Unique to Your E-Commerce Brand

Our First Example: Bulldog Men’s Skincare

Bulldog Men’s Skincare has a 3-section About Us Page: How Bulldog Was Born, Your Loyal Partner in Skincare, and Taking the Lead. They explain the founder’s journey to find skincare he loved, the brand’s unique selling proposition (why men should trust this brand), and how it does good in the world while fulfilling their needs. The last sentence says it all, “From our very first day, we’ve always tried to make decisions that our customers could be proud of.”

Our Second Example is Eventbrite:

As an e-commerce ticket seller, Eventbrite wants to ensure customers can attend exciting events around the world. Their About Us page uses visual elements to reflect the wide range of experiences available. 

The message is clear, short, and to the point. And lastly is the mission statement, “Our mission is to bring the world together through live experiences.”

Our Third Example is Rent The Runway:

Rent The Runway uses three pages to tell its story.

 The page above is their Vision page. Their Our Story page walks visitors through the company’s journey from idea to what it is today. Their Community page shows photos of happy customers, with two sub-headers that pique interest: “Rent Your Clothes. Change Your Life” and “Paying It Forward.” 

Each page portrays their unique e-commerce brand while establishing rapport and like-mindedness with their target audience. “We’re just like you,” each page says.

How Can My E-Commerce Brand’s About Us Page Do That?

Your About Us page doesn’t have to look like these, but it needs to contain certain elements.

Let’s look at essential elements for good e-commerce About Us pages. 

What to Call Your Page

Among other things, you can call it About Us, Our Story, Our Mission, Our Purpose, Our Team & Our Founders, Our Vision. Look at what you want to convey to those who don’t know you. What kind of title works best for your unique e-commerce brand?

Make the Page About Your Website Shoppers

Tell new shoppers about your company and your brand – and – gear that page toward your target audience, not you. That’s hard to do but critical. They want to know if your company and brand are a good fit. 

Stress Your Unique Selling Proposition

Why would someone want to buy from you instead of your competitors? 

Bulldog Men’s Skincare highlights that it has award-winning products. It stresses how it works to ensure affordability while using quality ingredients even vegans will approve. It calls out its commitment to sustainability and animal-free testing.

Eventbrite targets people’s desire to participate in experiences that enrich their lives. 

Rent the Runway’s name could imply exclusivity, yet their pages stress how people using their service help themselves while doing good for others. 

Your e-commerce brand also has unique qualities that will appeal to your shoppers’ values. 

The Keys are Relatability and Transparency

Frame your brand’s unique selling proposition so shoppers feel you’re like them. Do that as honestly as possible. The hard part is stepping back far enough to look at your brand objectively. Once you do that, you’ll see how to present it to appeal to your shoppers.

Does it have to be slick and cost a lot?


Use graphics and/or photos tied to your content to make the page cohesive. 

Be relatable. Speak your target audience’s language. 

Look at their needs and what they view as important. 

Ensure they know who you are, what you stand for, and how you intend to be in a relationship with them. 

Remember, when they purchase from you, they automatically form a relationship with you. 

You want that relationship to last as long as possible, so they continue to purchase from you and tell all their friends to purchase from you.

Should You Include a Call to Action?

Many e-commerce About Us pages include a discreet call to action at the bottom of the page. Some have pop-up or fly-in offers. We believe it depends on what works best for your unique e-commerce brand. Test choices to see what works best.

Sound Like Something You Can Do?

We realize every e-commerce company is in a different place about creating an About Us page. 

And it’s difficult to pull back enough from a beloved e-commerce brand and company so you can look at it objectively, like a first-time shopper. If you find you need help, we’re here for you. We love helping to craft e-commerce brand About Us pages that showcase a company’s unique selling proposition.

About the author: Merikay Noah has over 20 years’ experience in digital marketing. She worked with e-commerce B2C and B2B websites of all kinds, from Fortune 100s to small start-ups, at two of the top three search engines and at a Los Angeles ad agency. Her successful e-commerce book publishing website,, attracted an international audience of bookaholics for over eight years. She now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she works as a copywriter and loves to hike with her small but fierce doggy protector – Miss Lucy.

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