Gamification: Case Studies that’ll Pique Your Interest

July 5, 2019

Duolingo, for example, takes language learning and adds gamification elements where a user gains levels, may select rewards for participation, and share their progress with others which keeps the user coming back for more.

There are many, many other apps that use gamification (some subtle whereas others it’s a major selling point). Inclusion of gamification into an app does require additional development but there are very positive returns for the additional effort which you may want to consider. What better way to convince you on the idea than through a selection of case studies?


Want more?

Looking for a good read? Yu-Kai Chou has pieced together an impressive list of over 90 gamification case studies. Don’t feel like reading? TechnologyAdvice has created a great case study in video form that is well worth the look. Want just the essential bits? There are thousands of great slideshows covering gamification case studies that will certainly pique your interest.

Image by PDPics

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