Facebook Removes Unintentional Clicks

November 15, 2019

Here are last week’s top “don’t miss” social media marketing articles selected by the adQuadrant team.

  • Facebook Will Remove Unintentional Clicks From Its Audience Network – Facebook Newsroom: Facebook’s latest metrics update includes; the dismissal of unintentional clicks from its audience network and improvements to ad impression reporting. Removing unintentional clicks help advertisers avoid paying for worthless clicks. Learn about how these metrics update offer advertisers more transparency into ad delivery.
  • Facebook Cracking Down On Fake Ads – Engadget: Facebook is fighting against spam and fake ads by implementing detection strategies that will find and remove cloaking ads. The review processes include a combination of AI and human review. Advertisers or Facebook pages that are guilty of cloaking will consequently result in an immediate ban from the social platform.
  • Stand Out Online By Having An Engaging Social Presence – Mashable: Companies need to have an active and engaging social media strategy so they can stand out against their competitors. Interactions with your audience through sharing user-generated content and replying to comments is a simple way to engage with users. Discover the 10 best practices to creating an engaging social media presence.
  • Build An Audience Of Ideal Customers On Facebook – Social Media Examiner: Growing your Facebook audience is simple and shouldn’t break the bank. Facebook offers various tools that you can utilize to target your ideal audience. This 6 step guide will help you grow your Facebook audience and convert them into paying customers.

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