Inbound Phone Calls and Facebook: Bridging the Gap

December 28, 2018

Jason Spievak of Invoca has pieced together a compelling reasoning as to why Facebook should enter the inbound phone call space especially since nearly two-thirds of FB’s ad revenue comes through their mobile efforts. The reasoning is doubly interesting knowing the fact that Facebook really hasn’t done much with their click-to-call feature.

Here were the main points and take away from the reasoning:

  • Companies should embrace the communications capabilities of smartphones by encouraging calls (which convert between 30 – 50% vs Web which sits at 1 – 2%).
  • Ads often displayed on mobile formats don’t have the same impact due to their size limitation (as opposed to desktop); because of the valuable real estate it may be best to use this native content to get people to call vs click.
  • Companies need to encourage users to make the call based on the premise that 90% of people do their research on one device before completing it on another – also that 61% of consumers that search on their mobile device complete the funnel via phone call.

Facebook is in a dominant position but it hasn’t truly gone after all of its opportunities. No doubt we will see a surge of inbound phone calls in the future but one does wonder why Facebook is lagging in this area despite having a platform that’s beginning to chip at Google.

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