Does the Complexity of Facebook Fan Acquisition Impact Your Sales?

August 31, 2018

On the surface we all know that Facebook can deliver considerable results through active engagement and advertising but when you break down the ad spending, page usage, and tracking through the channel it can hard, at best, to really show what is happening due to the large complexity of the social network.

It begins to make you wonder whether the complexity of Facebook fan acquisition impacts your sale.

To better understand the return on investment from this channel there are three different steps proposed to help determine the sales impact of Facebook marketing:

1. Ask whether a community is being built

The community generally grows through advertising investment according to the following graph:

1 Community

2. See whether the engagement is doing something

Are those efforts really sending people to the site? See the trend:

2 engagement

3. Measuring if FB actually converts

Then you need to see whether it’s all working. Example:

3 converts

All of the information gained from your Facebook ad spend should be compared to the different channels you choose to advertise and market. If you notice that Facebook is delivering significant ROI then it’s obvious that it should be part of a larger budget.

Remember, though, that it’s not just about the clicks. The real winner is the conversion so despite having a high engagement and click through from Facebook you should definitely keep in mind whether visitors from the social network are converting on the creative.

Once you understand what Facebook can deliver you can best gauge how to include it into your ad spend. Track the sales and it will all make sense, basically.

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