Timeless And Tested Facebook Advertising Strategies

January 17, 2020

Here are last week’s top “don’t miss” social media marketing articles selected by the adQuadrant team.

The Most Powerful Facebook Advertising Strategies – via AdEspresso: Although Facebook has made various tweaks to its ad platform throughout the years; there are tested advertising strategies that have consistently remained both relevant and powerful. Whether you want to optimize your ads for mobile, improve customer targeting, or nail your retargeting campaigns, this list will have something for you!

The Quickest And Easiest Way To Build Social Ads – via Facebook Business: Creative Hub is Facebook’s platform to help you build successful ads. It is intended to support everyone, from creative agency teams to small business marketers, in the process of creating ads. It makes the journey from great ideas to great ads shorter, offering collaboration features and formats aimed to empower marketers to build and preview ads differently. Learn more.

Characteristics Of Effective Facebook Ad Images – via Entrepreneur: Facebook ads are not necessarily ALL about the offer. Your creative must reflect the marketing message that’s in your copy in order to run a high-converting campaign. The image and video creatives are the visual elements that should support the rest of your campaign as a whole. Check out this article for six important things to think about whenever you are working on your creatives.

Audit Your Social Media Marketing Campaign – via Forbes: The new year is upon us, which means it is time to audit and evaluate last year’s efforts, so you can replicate your best strategies, eliminate your worst, and learn from each of them. Use this as a guide for approaching this intimidating process, and prepare for a successful 2018! Or let adQuadrant help you with a free social advertising evaluation here!

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