Facebook Adds Sports Data To Offerings

January 12, 2018

Its decision came months later after SportsData launched a suite of sports application back in September 2011. The application available on iOS and Android devices is a social media software that allows users to access real time sports update.

SportsData Company is rapidly becoming the largest sports data provider in the United States. The company covers all live games, sports schedules and sports news delivering them as social media tools to media houses, news companies and sport fanatics.

Expertise in provision of SportsData services makes it stand out and attract customer acquisition. Apart from harboring highly technical staff, the accuracy of delivering sport content and data is of their top priority. Publishing techniques used by SportsData speeds up the delivery of social data analytics, and the content reaches faster in real time. Furthermore, the technical team ensures that companies receive content in a simple format that they require.

Justin Osofsky, the vice president of Facebook media partnerships and global operations noted acknowledged our impressive track record of delivering engaging content. Our clients profound understanding of our products also means that we can build a better experience for customers who use Facebook. Justin furthers notes that our partners who rely on our firm for real-time insights.

The acquisition is a big step by Facebook to strengthen its partners.

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