How To Drive Landing Page Conversions with Facebook Ads

June 29, 2018

Without a strong landing page your efforts in creating engaging, eye-catching creative ads will do nothing more than land a few clicks. At the end of the day you need to have a goal. Not just creating a great ad but creating a complete process. One which may bring a sale, a subscription, an install, or share.

The following are the main elements behind what works in relation to driving landing page conversions with your Facebook ads. Let’s have a look …

Factor #1: Product Continuity

If a user were to see your ad which displays a product in action yet lands on a sales page that doesn’t repeat these images then you’ve already done the damage and broken their experience.

There must be continuity between your ad and your landing page. The landing page, in essence, should have the same color scheme, copy style, tone, and visual elements so that it reinforces their commitment on clicking your ad. Once they’ve landed on the page and everything passes their “gut check” then they can proceed to dig deeper.

Factor #2: Call-to-Action Correlation

You wouldn’t want to drive down the road, see a sign that said “Buy one get one free”, only to show up to the store and the terms were actually “Buy one get one free (after mail in rebate)”. This completely breaks the whole reason you took action.

The same can be applied to the call-to-actions. If you’re trying to get a click based on “Free download” but they land and suddenly need to fill out a page of private information there’s a real disconnect here.

Keep your promises with the call-to-action.

Factor #3: Time it Right

Have you ever passed a store that said “Going out of business – everything must go – up to 80% off!” and a few weeks later it’s still there? Wait a minute …

These kind of ploys may hook a few but the best practice with your Facebook ads and timing should be one that actually has urgency and consequences. This is basically saying that if you’re going to have a one day flash sale … make it only one day and one day only. Make sure people know it’s urgent and if they miss it then they miss it.

Factor #4: Get the Targeting Right

Isn’t it annoying that you click through an ad and all you seem to have come to one you’ve already seen time and time again? What was it? Some kind of bait-and-switch? That’s just silly. It’s a wasted click.

Make sure you’re using those custom and look-alike audiences on Facebook so you’re not driving individuals that have already completed the action to the pages. What you want are new leads – not ones that have already said no somehow get sucked back in.

The Unexpected Factor

Do you have what it takes to continually produce eye-catching ads for your Facebook campaigns? Are you educated and well-versed in operating the FB advertising platform? Do your campaigns cross the barriers and aid in other platforms like social, email, display, and more?

These are important questions you need to provide answers. You may have experience in one or two of these activities but in order to get the most from your FB activity you need to have mastery of them all.

But time is money and you have to question whether it’s best you spend time and resource learning these items or you pass it to the professionals (so you may continue to do what you do best).

In this regards … we encourage you to get in touch with us at adQuadrant.

We know the Facebook platform from the inside and out. By working with us we can guide, aid, and tailor your campaigns through a robust process of strategy development, creative and ad management, analytics and testing, and optimization.

Let’s keep you doing your best and we’ll bring ours. Get in touch, today.


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