Downstream Optimization: Why It’s So Important

November 24, 2017

Some marketers tend to focus on one or the other, but different products lend themselves naturally to different techniques

Downstream marketing usually has a less refined and more shotgun approach than upstream marketing and many people tend to use inelegant solutions in regards to their downstream campaigns. Downstream optimization is the process by which a marketer can add more finesse to their campaign an develop it better.

Downstream marketing is the most popular form of marketing on the web. It involves taking a complete and already packaged product and creating an audience for it.

Most media buyers and customer acquisition professionals will find themselves within this role. Downstream marketing involves developing product information and creating a product brand. It also includes creating videos promoting the device and generally formulating media that showcases the device in a positive way.

Upstream marketing is critical to downstream optimization. Upstream marketing includes research and development and product testing. With the valuable information gained through upstream marketing, you can reliably target your downstream campaigns and modify them as desired. Thus, for truly competent downstream optimization you also need the appropriate upstream marketing.

University of Phoenix is an example of a company that does superb downstream marketing and downstream optimization. They have a packaged degree product that they have branded and sell through advertisements in a variety of media. The for-profit University industry is one of the most thriving industries available but it’s only possible because they have identified a necessary product. Apple, on the other hand, is a company that focuses primarily on upstream marketing. They focus on the research and development of a core product and then rely on the strength of their product’s brand to bring users in.

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