Digital Marketing: What are the Major Obstacles?

November 30, 2018

Following behind strategy were equally limiting obstacles:

  • Budget
  • Experience/Training
  • Reporting

Here is the divide:


It’s especially interesting seeing that strategy is high on the list as it’s one of the highest priority items when starting in digital marketing. Nonetheless, it’s an item that proves especially difficult in marketing due to the rapid advancements & changes we see on a near-everyday basis which makes it understandable that it received 51% in the charts.

Interesting enough the report states that 62% of the respondents feel that their digital marketing efforts are successful, 27% saying very successful, 9% as somewhat, and 2% as unsuccessful even though there are these obstacles.

Of the many tactics used by these marketers there is a heavy weight leaning toward the content-side of things as broken down as follows:


Do you find it interesting that “content” is separated from the likes of email, website/blogs, SEO, and social media?

Email is topping the list because marketers feel it’s one of the easiest mediums (only 11% saying it’s their most difficult obstacle) as opposed to social media which is rated as most difficult (making sense as it’s a very fickle platform to nail down).


Do you side with the data? Which obstacles do YOU face in your digital marketing?

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