Data-Tracking: Get Ready to Get Screwed

September 7, 2018

The reason for the tracking is so that advertisers and marketers have significant data they can use to deliver experiences based on our habits but what’s really happening is that privacy is beginning to erode and it also happens to apply to advertising revenues for publishers.

The access to information has convinced Web users that it is natural to hand over privacy rights in order to have a greater experience. Sites that use this information adds a level of personalization that many have become accustomed to over these past years. The problem is that it often disregards third-party data and devolves to selling personal data.

Here it is in basic terms:

Big Web companies are collecting user data by requiring it for access all-the-while marketers and advertisers hand over research and testing data to parties in hopes to gain better returns.

The result is that user data is being collected at such a great rate and these big companies are promising such big rewards that sometimes advertisers and marketers are overstepping their boundaries by giving away too much of the internal data collected from their campaigns.

The easiest way to think of it would be like handing over your customer list to a larger company in hopes that they will include you on their mailing list.

What the Web is becoming is a place where advertisers place too much of a focus on click which can be so easily manipulated and fluffed that a %0.01 return is acceptable which in marketing sense is pure garbage compared to even offline methods which still show decent returns.

We are all now in a race to the bottom.

There are big changes on board for advertising, marketing, and content, in general, because of regulations and when you couple this with the ever decreasing level of engagement due-in-part to a skew from first and third-party data collectors it can be a nightmare for small businesses.

There is still much time to be had to gain, though, before data becomes too skewed from these sources and that’s why it’s vitally important to choose players that understand how to adapt to the marketplace and changing industry, such as adQuadrant, who of which can compensate for this competition.

Data may be getting screwed but if you know it right then it will continue to be in our favor; this begs the question whether you know what’s in store for your business if you weren’t aware of these monumental shifts in digital advertising and marketing.

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