You’ll Never Guess the 4 Best Things about Custom Redirects

August 10, 2018

The average business owner using a custom redirect, often through a service, gains more than enough information that can be processed into actionable tasks but it doesn’t end there as there are other benefits at hand…

1. Optimization

The lead benefit of using personalized (custom redirects) URLs is found when you have the ability to look at data and understand where users are clicking, what may have made them click, and the types of offers that are gaining that action.

Knowing this information you can then begin processing the data so that you may optimize your advertising and marketing initiatives from the actual creative to the offer. In many ways it explains how they entered the offer which is enough to begin working on how they will exit.

2. Tracking

Tracking, for many site owners, is one of those objectives that is on the list but doesn’t always get taken care of because it can be a lot of trouble keeping up-to-date.

The neat aspect of custom redirects is that, with the right service or coding, a site owner can easily keep track of clicks with relative ease. Even with a simplistic metric like click through a site owner has a greater deal of knowledge of what’s working than those that link blindly.

3. Accountability

If you handed a task to an employee, and they failed to complete the action, would you let it go?

Accountability also plays a good role in custom redirects because you (often) have the ability to setup custom URLs for specific employees or individuals at your business so you can see who is helping with conversions for a specific product or service.

An example would be giving Employee A and Employee B two custom URLs and then seeing how often their leads click and convert.

4. Insight

The custom redirect plugins and services are quite complicated these days; they aren’t going to only show you metrics related to clicks and conversion but also elements such as countries, browsers, profiles, and more, which can greatly help with all aspects of your branding, advertising, content, and marketing of the business.


Custom redirects are, perhaps, one of the easiest ways to begin tracking your business yet it’s still requires a set of actions that (it seems) very few business owners complete. The reporting is easy to understand but the coding required to begin tracking can be a nuance.

Have you considered the help of adQuadrant?

The basic reporting from custom redirects certainly improve the bottom-line of the business when you are able to receive feedback, insights, and accountability but it’s only the beginning. The expertise held by those at adQuadrant will help you not only gain a thorough understanding of the benefit of custom redirects but will have them implemented rapidly so that your business may benefit in a timely fashion.

Custom redirects: A task much needed for your business.

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