Cross-Platform Experience Supports App Development

December 20, 2019

Here are last week’s top “don’t miss” social media marketing articles selected by the adQuadrant team.

“React Native” Has Changed The Rules Of App Development – via Entrepreneur: A cross-platform app with a great user experience exists – thanks to Facebook! React Native supports both iOS and Android, identifies platform-specific needs, and ports between mobile platforms. It is having a powerful impact on app development, allowing entrepreneurs to spend more time worrying about meeting users’ needs and less time worrying about their choice of smartphone. Review this article and see why React Native really is the best of both worlds.

Master Social Media For Businesses – via Buffer: What should your business be thinking about, investing in, and sharing? You can quickly master social media by making a commitment, listening – rather than promoting – and allowing your passion to drive your content. Use this guide to find success in social media, and overcome any engagement and/or content struggles.

Guide To Facebook Marketplace – via AdEspresso: Facebook Marketplace is an open exchange built to share items that are for sale and purchase items from individuals within your local area. Products for sale range from cars to video games, to rental houses, to clothes! Just recently, Facebook has unveiled new support for content from local businesses. Check out this article and see if there is a place in your business for Facebook Marketplace.

Top eCommerce Social Strategies You Should Be Running – via adQuadrant/SlideShare: What eCommerce social strategies are you running? Ensure that you are leveraging the best practices and understand the customer journey. Check out these four eCommerce social strategies that will create a personalized and engaging retargeting experience aimed to transition customers from discovering to purchasing.

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