Conversational Marketing is the Future

May 22, 2020

Digital marketing platforms are becoming increasingly saturated on the daily, making it more challenging than ever to break through the clutter. But with modern shoppers conditioned by instant digital standards, it’s necessary to break through, especially if you want to survive in the world of e-commerce.

Keeping up with where consumers are can be tricky, especially when those platforms are already overloaded with promotional content. There are very few platforms that are able to adapt to user behavior and where they are migrating, but Facebook has done just that, with Facebook Messenger.

As a vital aspect of the customer journey, Messenger Marketing can be 10x as effective as Email Marketing with a higher ROI than Social and Google.

Here are 3 reasons you should hop on the Messenger bandwagon, while it’s still uncluttered.

1. Billions of Users & Messages

Mark Zuckerburg reported at Facebook for Developers’ F8 Conference that over 20 billion monthly messages were sent between people and businesses as of 2019, which is 2.5 times more year-over-year.

With more than 1.3 billion people actively checking their Facebook Messenger inboxes every month, THIS is the place to be, and the time is now.

2. Designed to Engage

Consumers love a good chat – so give them just that! Users are already in a conversational mindset when entering the platform, which makes engagement easy, as long as you can offer something compelling.

Automated messaging flows are a great way to converse with prospects and returning customers, increasing conversions and lifetime value. Hit them with reminders for abandoned carts, maybe a discount or two, and watch how impactful a casual conversation can be.

3. Content that Counts

Short quizzes, custom product feeds, and social media promotion are just a few of the many unique triggered capabilities available via Messenger Marketing. Give your users what they want to see, when they want to see it through conversational marketing and watch the data speak for itself.

Messenger Marketing typically sees around 81% open-rates and 34% click-thru rates.

In conjunction with other digital marketing platforms, Messenger Marketing is a vital part of the customer journey. Without it, you’ll miss consistent returns on a channel that users organically care about and engage with. With the data to back it up, Messenger Marketing is up-and-coming, and now is the best time to launch your messenger initiatives.

Don’t go unnoticed in a saturated industry – strengthen your business’ omnichannel narrative with Messenger Marketing!

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