Common Problems to Landing Pages (You May Be Doing Right Now)

August 17, 2018

Each of these items are very important but if a landing page is lacking then no amount of effort into these means much because people aren’t cultivating into a conversion.

What makes for a good, converting landing page?

Let’s run through the basics…

  • A lack of traffic – Traffic, for a landing page, isn’t just for the conversion but for tracking feedback that will greatly improve your overall optimization. In order to get the most from these pages you need to up your advertising and marketing campaigns to an adequate amount of traffic to make the data relevant (so you may apply decisions accurate to the market reaction).
  • A failure in design – Clunky, hard-to-use landing pages are going to be the death-knell to your business and there really isn’t an excuse with so many templates and examples of best practices available (free and paid) on the Net. If you have the skill for design then put it to good use otherwise hand it over to an expert which understand the needs and wants of a visitor otherwise you will leak many profitable opportunities.
  • A confusion in call-to-action – Always ask yourself if you can identify the purpose of the page a few mere seconds upon discovery. The call-to-action needs to be clear, convincing, and (generally) emotional so leads take quick actions to convert. Failure to have these elements of CTA would be like having a person read a long sales letter with nothing being sold.
  • A need for too much information – Always ask for enough (but not too much) information when someone decides to convert on an offer. Remember that people need respect for their privacy so if you begin asking stretch details like current location or job occupation you may be over the line and deterring people from converting. Stick to the ones that matter like name, email, and if you’re selling – address and payment details.
  • A discrepancy of trust – Where did the leads come from? Where are they now? Is it easy to understand the brand? Do they know the product? Can they trust the payment processing? Where are the reviews? All of these matter to an individual the same as they would expect on an Ecommerce page. People need trust identifiers so they feel at ease when purchasing a product or service. Ensure items like testimonials, guarantees, and trust badges are in place so they don’t feel uncomfortable and bounce from the page.

Now ask yourself, “does my landing page have these elements?”, and seriously consider putting them to practice. Alternatively, speak with us at adQuadrant and we can provide a helpful guide and set of expertise to ensure you are maximizing your use of these valuable assets.

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