Being the Bird of Prey: Attacking the Competition with Voracity

December 28, 2018

Which would you rather be?

  • A vulture that preys based on the ease of availability and swarms the target with other bottom feeders?


  • An Eagle, the ultimate bird of prey that uses all of its evolutionary features to attack the perfect game?

All too often businesses rush to clients when they show the signs of needing help getting situated in the online space. These businesses are like vultures because it brings out all those that are quick to throw proposals at the client in hopes that they’ll land a deal. The businesses are greatly short-sighted because they can only see the “meal” in front of them instead of the lucrative payoff that comes from carefully targeting, selecting, and making a move on prime game.

The types of opportunities these vultures lose when all they see is a simple website setup could include:

  • Additional support with search engine optimization
  • Content development, strategy, and marketing initiatives
  • Advertising services and management
  • Social marketing

… and a whole lot more that could become part of the deal if they weren’t so greedy for the “free meal” via rushing a client quickly through the sales pitch and signing them on to a basic deal.

Think about the eagle and how it chooses its prey along with tapping into millions of years of instinct and evolutionary finesse. It spots the prey from afar using its highly developed, sensitive vision which cuts through the less valuable prospects. It poises for a prime opportunity to strike while taking in all considerations of its surroundings and actions. It strikes with voracity and claims its prize with swift justice and whisks away to enjoy the fruits of its labor.

How does one emulate the bird of prey in business you may ask…

The Ongoing Search with Altitude

  • Stay high above the competition (altitude) to keep your brand, its philosophy, and USP from being muddied by the low-baller contenders thus creating a high-profile presence
  • Use those tools, reports, research data, and findings to peer and fixate on a target even if it’s well outside your normal range
  • Assess the surroundings so that when the strike does happen there won’t be interruptions (such as through a last minute competitor coming through) or those that would scavenge your claim
  • Seek through potential clients silently to avoid tipping off other high-profile businesses to you may lay first claim to the client so rapidly it has others scrambling to catch up
  • Assert your dominance and authority within your marketplace by keeping tabs on the competition, what they do, and working to keep one step ahead

The Descent and Attack

  • Refine the selection to whom you target based on possible outcomes, payoff, and the energy required to make the move
  • Go fast and descent upon the opportunity when the opportunity presents itself
  • Unleash those claws and capture the client through a barrage of value propositions
  • Secure their decision by reasserting your authority within the marketplace to ensure they have been selected and approached by the right business
  • Become an opportunist if another business swoops in for the attack; take their possession by delivering exceptional service that will blow the other away

The Feast and Ascension

  • Grab hold of the client with all your might and go beyond the up-front value by proposing other, additional benefits to choosing your business such as offering a myriad of backend, optional services that will further improve the value of their decision
  • Ascend and bring the client with you for the journey to higher grounds; as the business grows so does the commitment they have with yours and the success is yet another notch on your authority within your marketplace having proven your abilities
  • Gain from this client a renewed energy to ascend back to high altitudes to survey your territory and begin, again, the careful selection of high-profile client catching

Eagles are incredible hunters because they are patient for prime opportunity. By mimicking their actions your business will cut through the wash of low-baller clients that stick you with endless hassles, low pay, and frustration. You will have effectively developed an instinctual routine for your business to reach the clients that will grow your business not just financially but in power, authority, and branding.

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