Hyper Growth Podcast – with Shopify

June 28, 2022

The Best Shopify Apps for E-Commerce Businesses Generating At Least $10 Million in Sales Per Year

COO and co-founder of adQuadrant Arjun Jolly sits down with Shopify’s Robert Brown (Senior Strategic Product Partnerships) to give you the inside scoop on the Shopify Apps that will help you successfully grow your e-commerce business.

Arjun and Robert discuss a carefully vetted selection of Shopify Plus Certified App Partners who’ve proven that their solution is best-in-class. Each of these Apps must go through a separate review process to achieve Plus Certified status. And, they maintain and uphold a level of service that your e-commerce brand needs in a high volume and highly scalable environment.

In short, these Apps are designed to help you scale your $10MM e-commerce brand and take it to the next level.

From customer acquisition and marketing to boosting content on your website and customer service, Robert leaves no stone unturned. He unpacks the rhyme and reason behind each of his Shopify App recommendations, and even dives into shipping and fulfillment.

If you’re an e-commerce brand that’s generating $10 million annually, this Podcast will absolutely help you grow your business.

The Hyper Growth Podcast

What is the Hyper Growth Podcast exactly? It’s a podcast dedicated to unpacking what it takes to build rapidly scalable e-commerce brands. Host Arjun Jolly, COO and co-founder of adQuadrant, will dive into a variety of topics – each focused on helping you build your e-commerce business.

Arjun will speak to some of the most influential names in the e-commerce world. From brands like Shopify and Yotpo to executives who successfully scaled their own e-commerce brand by millions of dollars.

If you’re an e-commerce brand looking to grow your business, this is the podcast for you.

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